Getting the Most from Your Table Saw

with Roland Johnson

The table saw is the centerpiece tool in many woodworking shops. It can rip and crosscut lumber with precision, and it can cut all sorts of joinery with great accuracy—from dadoes to tenons and more. But if your table saw is not set up and adjusted properly, bad things can happen, including inaccurate cuts, ragged or burned edges on your workpiece, or worse, a dangerous kickback that can cause serious injury. In this on-demand course, Fine Woodworking’s tool expert Roland Johnson shares his techniques, tips, and advice on getting your machine to work reliably, efficiently, accurately, and safely. 

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Work Smarter with Your Table Saw

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  • Understand the differences among tablesaw types and sizes
  • Get step-by-step, expert instructions on setup
  • Learn to tune up a saw like a pro
  • Take a deep dive into blade types and their uses
  • Discover valuable safety accessories and safe techniques


  • Access to all course materials for 12 months
  • Digital downloads related to tablesaw use and setup
  • PLUS plans and instructions for building an accurate, sturdy crosscut sled. 


Roland Johnson

Roland Johnson has been involved in the woodworking business since 1976, when he started refinishing furniture, building furniture, and repairing and building all kinds of other stuff. Rollie is a self-confessed “gear head,” and not just around woodworking machinery and tools. He is an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars. With his extensive knowledge of machinery, Rollie is one of the go-to tool experts for Fine Woodworking and has been a contributing editor for the brand since 2002.

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