Getting the Most from Your Router

with Roland Johnson

The router is an essential tool for many woodworkers because it is so versatile. It cuts joinery, trims parts, creates molded profiles for edges, and more. But there are many sizes and types of routers available these days—and even more choices among router bits—so it’s easy to get confused about what to buy. In this on-demand class, Fine Woodworking's tool expert Roland Johnson will sort it all out for you. He’ll discuss the different types of routers and bits and what they are for. Plus, he’ll demonstrate his professional techniques for using these versatile tools effectively and safely.
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Work Smarter with Your Router

  • Learn the differences among router types and sizes
  • Get recommendations for router bases
  • Discover pro tips on bit selection and cleaning
  • Learn how to set up and adjust a router table
  • Get professional advice on router maintenance and safe use
  •  Access to course material for 12 months


Digital downloads related to router use and setup AND a pdf plan for a simple router table you can build quickly.



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Roland Johnson

Roland Johnson has been involved in the woodworking business since 1976, when he started refinishing furniture, building furniture, and repairing and building all kinds of other stuff. Rollie is a self-confessed “gear head,” and not just around woodworking machinery and tools. He is an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars. With his extensive knowledge of machinery, Rollie is one of the go-to tool experts for Fine Woodworking and has been a contributing editor for the brand since 2002.

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