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Dovetail Boot Camp with Bob Van Dyke

Dovetails may be the most recognizable of all woodworking joints, but they are not easy to master. This comprehensive, four-week online course will help take the mystery out of dovetailing, teaching you pro tips and techniques that maximize efficiency and ensure gap-free, attractive joints you can be proud of.


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Foundations of Woodworking with Michael Pekovich

Foundations of Woodworking gets to the very core of the craft of woodworking: laying out, cutting, and assembling joinery for furniture and other treasured wood objects. This in-depth online course will take you step-by-step through basic woodworking strategies that apply to anything you might build. Pekovich dives project-by-project into the essential wood joints, from rabbets and dadoes through dovetails and miters. Master these joints – with a combination of hand tools and power tools – and the door is open to create just about any design you can think of.

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Getting the Most from Your Router with Roland Johnson

The router is an essential tool for many woodworkers because it is so versatile. It cuts joinery, trims parts, creates molded profiles for edges, and more. But there are many sizes and types of routers available these days—and even more choices among router bits—so it’s easy to get confused about what to buy. In this on-demand class, Fine Woodworking's tool expert Roland Johnson will sort it all out for you. He’ll discuss the different types of routers and bits and what they are for. Plus, he’ll demonstrate his professional techniques for using these versatile tools effectively and safely.

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SketchUp Fundamentals for Furniture Design with Dave Richards

SketchUp is a versatile drawing program that lets you create 3D models of your project, allowing you to figure out proportions, dimensions, and joinery layout with great accuracy. This online course will give you all the tools necessary to start designing and modeling your projects in 3D. 

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