Power Up Your Design Skills 

SketchUp takes the guesswork out of woodworking by helping you create accurate plans that avoid errors while you build. This intensive course will help improve your SketchUp skills, giving you more advanced tools to design and build better furniture projects with efficiency. 

To get the most from this course, participants should be familiar with SketchUp's tools and functionality.

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Work Smarter with SketchUp

SketchUp is a versatile drawing program used to create 3D models of a project, allowing you to figure out proportions, dimensions, and joinery layout with great accuracy. If you’ve been using SketchUp, here’s your chance to take a deeper dive into it. This online course—taught by renowned SketchUp expert Dave Richards—will guide students in how to use SketchUp’s powerful tools for designing and modeling furniture projects in 3D. Dave’s in-depth lessons, useful tips, and smart program shortcuts will make your work in SketchUp more efficient, which ultimately will make your time in the shop more efficient. 

The Basics

  • Controls and navigation
  • Drawing essential shapes
  • Style settings, tags, and layers



Modeling Parts

  • Cabinet components
  •  Doors
  •  Drawers
  •  Table legs

Joinery Layout 

  • Dovetails
  • Mortise and tenons
  •  Rabbets




The Next Level

  • Modeling and customizing hardware
  • Creating cutlists and shop drawings
  • Building custom proposals




Dave Richards has been a SketchUp user and teacher for more than 15 years. He is an authorized SketchUp trainer and uses the drawing program for a wide variety of projects, from tiny medical devices to architectural projects. His primary use is drawing woodworking projects and plans for himself as well as for a number of professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers. He also draws project plans for Fine Woodworking and is a contributor to the blog "Design. Click. Build". He is the author of the SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers (The Taunton Press). Dave is a retired Biomedical Equipment Technician and Instructor of Anesthesiology in the Mayo College of Medicine. He lives in Rochester, MN, with his wife, son, and one dog.

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